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M.C. Dean was issued a patent for the Modular Data Center Support Rack System and Installation Method from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

M.C. Dean previously patented an overhead-mounted rack structure to support electrical components and telecommunications cabling required to power servers and connect data center equipment. This newest patent covers a detachable fixture and installation method to complement the rack structure, streamlining electrical configuration and easing transport. We piloted the new patented method with a leading technology customer to accelerate delivery on a large-scale data center campus.

The support rack system accelerates the installation of data center modular electrical and systems racks.

“Our seventh modular patent, the system represents an important innovation to overcome a common challenge for data center customers,” said Bill Dean, chief executive officer. “It provides an integrated, sustainable, and efficient solution that accelerates delivery while reducing safety risks.”

Safe: Data center racks are assembled overhead within narrow aisleways. The systems reduce construction at elevated heights and enhance worker safety.

Efficient: Compared to traditional power and telecommunication racks, our modular system is fully integrated offsite providing faster and easier installation that accelerates deliveries to mission critical clients.

Sustainable: Once components are secured, the fixture is disconnected, removed, and returned to M.C. Dean’s ModularMEP™ facility for use on another installation.

Modular Data Center Support Rack System and Installation

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