Operations & Maintenance

Today’s facilities and infrastructure are intelligent, complex, and interconnected, requiring critical systems to operate at peak performance. For facilities managers, system reliability, resilience, and security are paramount to driving workforce productivity and wellness and ensuring the success of client missions.

Engineering-driven Operations & Maintenance

M.C. Dean provides multi-disciplinary expertise, from facilities engineering, operations and maintenance to automation and information systems, ensuring comfort, safety, and efficiency. We harness data from automation, monitoring, and control systems to enable predictive maintenance, risk mitigation, and operational improvements.

Reliability & Performance

Our customers demand high availability, redundancy, and performance. We leverage near real-time information to establish predictive and preventive maintenance procedures, and proactively plan lifecycle refreshes. Customers benefit from data that inform operational decisions and protect against system outages and failures.

Resiliency & Sustainability

We manage costs and carbon footprints by continuously improving the long-term efficiency of systems and energy utilization, enabling customer sites to achieve up to LEED O+M Platinum.

Our teams employ energy monitoring, demand response, software-defined power systems, and emissions reduction programs to protect facility investments. Leveraging renewable energy, co-generation solutions, and sophisticated backup and recovery systems, we keep our customers covered 24x7x365.


Our world-class operational risk management program has reduced incident rates year over year, making us one of America’s safest companies. Operating and maintaining energized and near-energized equipment, where downtime is not an option, requires an absolute commitment to safety. We apply strict protocols, enhanced training, and offsite testing to minimize risks on customer sites.

Technology & Innovation

Our teams are in the vanguard of systems innovation, partnering with OEMs to develop products to meet shifting customer needs and global trends. We leverage data, performance metrics, and analytics to continuously improve operations while supporting future technology roadmaps. We offer on-premise and secure remote monitoring solutions providing customers optimized visibility, total cost of ownership, and performance.


  • Electrical Power
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Life Safety
  • Electronic Security
  • Automation & Controls
  • Networking & Telecom
  • Cybersecurity
  • Audio Visual
  • IT Systems

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