A Modern Systems Approach to Design Excellence

M.C. Dean applies a multidisciplinary design approach for complex systems architecture, achieving functional, integrated, and sustainable solutions through cutting-edge technology and tools. We interpret classic Vitruvian principles into the design of systems that power, illuminate, connect, secure, automate, and sustain operations for infrastructure and facilities in our modern world.

Durability & Sustainability

We design with flexibility, sustainability, and future adaptability in mind through informed selection, integration, and application of materials, components, and systems. We maximize energy efficiency, incorporate renewables, reduce waste, and minimize noise and environmental pollutants. Our distributed designs provide redundancy and resiliency to natural and manmade threats.

Utility & Function

Reliability, redundancy, and security are core to our systems design. For our customers, failure is not an option. Unplanned outages translate into loss of life, property, data, or operational viability with significant financial risks. Our designs are purpose-built to meet our customers’ unique functional, physical, and performance requirements over the intended life of the project.

Beauty & Form

We design aesthetically appealing systems that integrate seamlessly into their surroundings, often hidden in plain sight, while enhancing the built environment for occupants. By applying quality craftsmanship and streamlined design, we improve user experience and ease maintenance.


  • Electrical Power
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Life Safety
  • Electronic Security
  • Automation & Controls
  • Networking & Telecom
  • Cybersecurity
  • Audio Visual
  • IT Systems

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