“Change is constant. Change driven by our clients, and change delivered by our people.”

Bill Dean
Chief Executive Officer, M.C. Dean

Career Mobility

Our teams work closely with our customers to develop a deep understanding of their challenges and better support their missions.

We offer opportunities for career fulfillment and internal mobility for employees interested in tackling new roles, emerging disciplines, or geographic relocations. Whether it is an overseas assignment or a role in another business unit, you can find positions and responsibilities at M.C. Dean that reward your professional strengths and interests.

Strategic Technology Investments

At M.C. Dean, you will have access to best-in-class technology, tools, and equipment in our labs, on project sites, and in our manufacturing facilities.

We have invested over one hundred million dollars outfitting spaces so you can build your expertise in emerging technologies and processes to drive innovation for our customers. Demonstrate your innovations with colleagues and customers on your project, and at company, customer, and industry events.

Driving Innovation and Change

Be a part of our legacy of innovation at M.C. Dean. From the post-WWII infrastructure boom through the digital revolution, our teams have played a critical role in shaping our world.

Today we’re leading cyber-physical advancements in the way large-scale systems are designed, built, and sustained. The world is changing rapidly – let’s change it together.

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