Great People, Great Customers, Great Solutions

Operating at the intersection where cyber and physical systems converge, our team of teams develops innovative, data-driven solutions for our customers’ most complex technical challenges. We are building intelligence through our focus on Great People, Great Customers, and Great Solutions.

Investing in you is our priority

Our teams work for the world’s largest, most recognizable clients, transforming the way large-scale systems are designed, delivered, and sustained. Building teams of great people with deep expertise is core to our mission.

Qiang Gu | Senior Design Engineer

Employee Perspective

“Whether it’s the complex equipment, large-scale modules, or tight schedule restrictions, each project comes with its specific challenges. My team keeps me motivated and always encourages me to give my best. I’m so grateful for the opportunities and rewarding experiences I have gained while working here.”

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Career Paths

We focus on stimulating and investing in the professional and technical advancement of every employee, whether supporting young engineers, training technical apprentices, or growing future leaders. Read More

Learning & Development

At M.C. Dean, you’ll build your skills and expertise through a combination of formal training programs and experiential, on-the-job learning. Read More

Diversity & Inclusion

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The world is changing – let’s change it together

At M.C. Dean, you’ll tackle new opportunities and technical challenges, and experiment with new ways of doing things.

Katerina Botnar | Senior Project Leader

Employee Perspective

"M.C. Dean not only expanded my career opportunities, but actually impacted my decision to change my geographic location. Right now I have a really unique opportunity to lead a group, build a business, and actually make a difference in a trade."

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Career Mobility

Our teams benefit from a range of career opportunities, expanding skill sets, tackling new roles and disciplines, and addressing customer demands. Read More

Strategic Technology Investments

We have invested over one hundred million dollars in our labs and manufacturing facilities, enabling our teams to innovate tested and proven solutions for our customers. Read More

Legacy of Innovation

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Trust is essential to our combined success

That’s why we’re committed to tackling customers’ challenges like they are our own, treating our employees with honesty and fairness, and serving as an outstanding corporate citizen.

Josh Reid | Engineering Director

Employee Perspective

"We work in teams and it's very collaborative. You have different trades, different skill sets, and different backgrounds. Diversity of thought is how we approach problem-solving, and our customers have complex challenges that require high-functioning, diverse teams of experts."

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Community Stewardship

We aspire to make a positive impact on the world around us, focusing on programs that develop and support our employees, the communities where we live and work, and the future of our industry. Read More

Health & Safety

M.C. Dean's ‘People in Mind’ focus informs our culture and is enabled through leadership and employee engagement. Read More

Corporate Sustainability

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