Scalable IT/OT & Network Solutions

Integration of Information & Operational Technologies

M.C. Dean’s holistic approach integrates mastery of information (IT) and operational technologies (OT), as well as power, cooling, and other critical support systems necessary to deploy secure, reliable, and resilient solutions.

From enterprise IT to specialized industrial control, electronic security, building automation, and other OT systems, we deliver turnkey solutions from edge devices to the underlying physical and networked systems. Our ability to architect, plan, design, and modernize IT/OT systems is informed by decades of experience deploying mission-critical infrastructure.

  • Master Systems Integration
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Virtualization & HCI
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Network Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • DevOps

Communication & Collaboration Systems

Current and future missions rely on effective information and knowledge sharing spanning organizations, security enclaves, and geographies.

M.C. Dean brings policy insights and analysis, communications expertise, and architectural vision to create agile environments for resilient, secure multi-enclave collaboration. Connecting diverse stakeholders while protecting confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information has never been more important.

  • Conferencing & Collaboration
  • Unified Communications
  • Room Scheduling
  • Digital Signage
  • Content Distribution
  • Integrated Furniture Systems

Integrated Infrastructure & Communications Systems

Critical communications are core to our customers’ missions and integral to their success.

We engineer and operate converged wireline and wireless technologies for enterprise networks, industrial control systems, and specialized applications. Growing physical constraints, threat profiles, deployment schedules, and technology evolution require M.C. Dean to balance performance, security, space efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of communication infrastructure for our customers.

  • Inside/Outside Plant
  • Passive Optical Networks
  • Wireless Communications
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Mass Notification & Paging

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