Cyber-Physical Solutions

We design, build, operate, and maintain cyber-physical solutions for the nation’s most recognizable mission critical facilities, secure environments, complex infrastructure, and global enterprises.

Building Intelligence®

At M.C. Dean, our teams continuously evolve and adapt, working with our clients to solve the hardest problems in our industry.

Accelerating Progress


For owners and operators of data centers, hospitals, industrial plants, and government facilities, power is critical. It is the lifeblood of their mission, revenue streams, and the livelihood of the people they serve. At M.C. Dean, we provide power reliability and resiliency where power means more than just keeping the lights on.


Today, large enterprises must guard against an increasingly complex landscape of physical and cyber threats, while managing the exponential growth of intelligent devices. For mission critical facilities operating 24x7x365, failure is not an option. Is your enterprise secure?


From power distributors and chemical manufacturers to transportation and data center operators, success is often measured in milliliters or seconds. M.C. Dean provides the greatest value to our customers when the requirement for repeatability, precision, and efficiency is absolute.


Our modern world is immersed in intelligent systems, applications, and devices that demand secure, reliable data at unprecedented speeds. M.C. Dean helps large enterprises implement and manage digital transformation and systems integration that keep pace with the complexity of technological advancements.

Systems Expertise

  • Electrical Power
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Life Safety
  • Electronic Security
  • Automation & Controls
  • Networking & Telecom
  • Cybersecurity
  • Audio Visual
  • IT Systems