Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

M.C. Dean’s unwavering commitment to consistency, quality, and resiliency has made us a leading systems integrator trusted by customers who operate in the highest risk and lowest tolerance environments.


M.C. Dean initiates and implements complex, large-scale automation projects from design and programming to production and site commissioning, offering our customers optimal asset utilization. With a combination of experience, diversity, and depth, we are a trusted systems integrator for many of the leading controls equipment vendors.

  • Technology Assessment and System Evaluation
  • System Design and Development
  • Installation and Integration
  • Program Management
  • System Sustainment

700 +

Customers Supported Continually Over 30+ Years

200 +

Certified Tech & Industry Accreditations

300 +

UL-508A Certified Assemblies Produced Annually

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Our team provides high performance, SCADA systems for large-scale infrastructure and mission critical facilities. Using a systems engineering approach, our engineers design, develop, test, and document solutions utilizing our in-house, state-of-the-art laboratories, tools, and processes to reduce program cost and schedule risks, and improve system performance. We maintain a library of easily deployable software objects to quickly move from design and configuration to implementation and training.

  • Power & Utilities
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Mission Critical Facilities
  • Data Centers

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Transportation systems are increasingly reliant on intelligent systems to drive safety, efficiency, and reliability for commuters and residents alike. As a lead systems integrator for large-scale train control and smart traffic management systems, M.C. Dean works with transportation owners’ operators and engineers to provide outcome-based solutions and provide full lifecycle services from design to installation to ensure effective turnover and long-term sustainment. We leverage prefabrication and modular manufacturing techniques, as well as offsite precommissioning and testing to streamline delivery, reduce impacts to active infrastructure, and alleviate schedule and cost risks.

Energy Management

We help customers improve energy efficiency and resiliency of their assets using a solutions-based approach. By pinpointing where equipment is underutilized, we design system improvements that allow customers to visualize and control energy usage, improving cost and energy optimization. M.C. Dean is authorized, trained, and certified on a majority of open-source power and technology original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems to provide lasting and sustainable solutions.

Industrial Systems

M.C. Dean provides full-lifecycle solutions that drive productivity and reliability for manufacturing facilities that require verified and predictable performance to meet market demands. We have been trusted by some of the largest consumer products and technology manufacturers for over 30 years, consistently creating solutions that provide greater agility, scalability, and efficiency for their production lines.

Process Controls

Our process controls expertise is rooted in a modular systems engineering approach that enhances quality, repeatability, and efficiency. We start by defining system requirements that drive automatic generation of programming code. We create simulations of our customers’ equipment workflow to test and validate algorithm performance, leading to reduced safety risks, faster delivery, and more reliable operations.

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