Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As the boundaries between physical, digital, and biological realms blur, M.C. Dean is in the vanguard of automation, IIoT, and cyber-physical solutions. We are innovating how mission critical infrastructure is designed, built, sustained, and secured.

Modular Delivery of Critical Systems

M.C. Dean specializes in industrialized construction, optimizing digitalization and data perpetuity through our integrated project delivery value streams. We advance design technology, digitized processes, and data interoperability to deliver customized modular power and systems rooms, assemblies, and conveyance systems. Our customers achieve quality, schedule, safety, and cost benefits without restrictions based on architectural design.

System Performance & Reliability

M.C. Dean deploys big data and IoT connectivity to provide our customers actionable insights into their system capabilities. Near real-time performance data informs predictive and preventative maintenance routines, detecting exceptions before they become issues. We leverage digital configuration management from design through deployment and optimize asset performance and reliability with continuous system monitoring to maximize uptime.


As enterprises expand, increasingly valuable resources are threatened by diverse actors in both cyber and physical domains. M.C. Dean’s solutions leverage high assurance credentials, edge computing and analytics, innovative sensor technologies, and enterprise-wide visibility enabled by ubiquitous digital connectivity. We employ advanced event processing, data analytics, and cloud-based AI/ML capabilities to protect assets and to improve effectiveness and efficiency of security operations.

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