Julaine Simmons and Lole Chamberlin meet with women of the SOVA regional site teams to discuss women holding the “keys to the future” of our industry.

From March 4-8, M.C. Dean once again joined in the celebration of Women in Construction (WIC) Week. This year’s theme was “Keys to the Future”, celebrating the strength and knowledge of women and the vital role they play in shaping the future of the construction industry. Various M.C. Dean project sites held events to celebrate and motivate the women of their teams.

“As the industry continues to evolve, it is important we acknowledge the need to improve equity and inclusion for women within our teams, as well as the gaps still present,” said Julaine Simmons, vice president of Security and Electronic Systems (SES) and a speaker at one of the celebrations. “Thank you to the women who put together this week’s events, creating a safe space for our colleagues to share their experiences and feel supported.”

Southern VA celebrates with customers and employees

The M.C. Dean site team in southern VA partnered with customers to host guest speakers and an open discussion session, as well as provide food and appreciation gifts for over 150 women.

The week kicked-off with Julaine Simmons and Lole Chamberlin, of the M.C. Dean SES team, who spoke about the power in peer support and mentorship. It then continued with an open round-table discussion about the challenges and rewards of being a woman in construction, with many coming up to share their experiences and outlook for the future.

The women of our QTS and MMC sites discussed the challenges they face and the progress they are working towards. Women of all sites were presented with hardhat stickers and t-shirts at their events.

MMC and QTS host lunches and toolbox talks

Modular Mission Critical™ campus held a “toolbox talk”, hosted by and for women of the site to talk about their experiences and outlook for the future of the industry. The QTS team also held a lunch gathering exclusively for the women at the site, hosted by Jordan Geibig of the M.C. Dean Safety team. Aline Viegas, of the M.C. Dean Engineering & Construction (E&C) team, also sat on a customer-hosted “Women’s Stories” panel at QTS, where she spoke about women influencing the industry and provided advice for women in the audience.

These events provided a unique opportunity for women in construction to come together, celebrate their achievements, and engage in meaningful conversation.