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Life Safety

For more than 15 years, M.C. Dean, Inc. has been a leader in security systems installation and maintenance. The firm is DCJS-Certified from the corporate level to individual technicians. The M.C. Dean, Inc. Security and Electronic Systems Division (SES), provides design and technical services to commercial, industrial and governmental clients. The division specializes in security and electronic systems with a wide array of services. These include conceptualization and planning, design, integration and implementation, as well as acceptance testing and follow-on support. The diversity of our experience allows us to address a multitude of specialized areas within the fields of security and electronic systems.

Intrusion Detection Systems
Access Control Systems
Closed Circuit TV
Sound and Audio/Visual Systems
Criminal Justice Facility Security

Intrusion Detection Systems

During this time, we have provided major systems nationwide and around the world for both the government and private sector. Our expertise has broadened to include all of the following:

       Interior and Perimeter IDS
       Fiber Optic and Copper DTM
       Custom Software Based Systems
       Design/Build Turnkey Systems
       Access Control and CCTV Interfaces

Access Control Systems

M.C. Dean, Inc. boasts extensive experience with the design and installation of Access Control Systems. We have worked with the latest technologies involved in today's Distributive Systems. These include card readers, digital video badging, and biometrics personal identification devices such as iris scan, voice recognition, and signature and fingerprint verification. Our proficiency in this field is demonstrated by the fact that access control equipment manufacturers such as Logiplex and MDI select us as subcontractor on their most difficult projects.

Closed Circuit TV

M. C. Dean, Inc. has vast experience in the design and installation of Closed Circuit Television Systems, and the company maintains dealership agreements with suppliers such as Javelin, Vicon and Panasonic. M.C. Dean, Inc. holds in-house seminars on CCTV systems to keep employees abreast of the advances in the industry. Services include:

       Cable and Closed Circuit TV Networks
       Video Motion Detection - DAVID, ADPRO
       Complete Design and Testing
       Customized Control Stations
       Secure and Tamperproof Installations

Sound and Audio/Visual Systems

M.C. Dean, Inc. provides all levels of audio/visual, sound and paging systems. Our competence in this area includes advanced Nurse Call systems, Inmate Monitoring systems, Intercom and Theatre sound systems and complete A/V projection systems and conference room sound systems.

Criminal Justice Facility Security

Criminal Justice Security Design and Consulting is an area of exceptional achievement for the staff of M.C. Dean, Inc.'s Security and Electronic Systems Group (SES). Our staff has direct experience in providing security programming, planning, design, integration and acceptance at nearly 100 criminal justice facilities around the country. Currently our staff is performing on statewide adult and juvenile criminal justice facility upgrades to state prototypical designs and technology upgrades. These examples coupled with a multitude of diverse and noteworthy achievements place our staff amongst the most experienced Criminal Justice Security professionals in the country today.

M. C. Dean, Inc. has been installing life safety systems since the 1950s. The length and extent of our experience has enabled us to work with a variety of systems and technologies. Our broad spectrum of expertise includes:

Fire Prevention

       Adherence to NEC (NFPA 70)
       Adherence to NESC (IEEE Standards)
       Adherence to UL -Electrical Maintenance, NFPA 70-B

Detection & Alarm System Installations

       Emergency Communications Systems
             Fireman's Telephone System
             Graphic and Digital Annunciation System
             Voice/Alarm Evacuation Systems
       Protective Signaling Systems
       Central Station Systems - McCulloh (DC) circuits, multiplexing, digital networks,
         RF transmission
       Automatic Fire Detection
             IR and UV Flame
       Suppression Systems
             Water & Fire Pumps
             Automatic Sprinkler Systems
             CO2, HALON, AFF Foam
       Waterflow Alarm & Sprinkler System Supervision

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