Members of M.C. Dean’s Integrated Infrastructure and Communications Systems (I2CS) team received various honors in January for the excellent work they contribute to their respective fields of expertise.

Luigi Prezioso named to committee chair position

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) named Luigi Prezioso, M.C. Dean vice president of Integrated Infrastructure and Communications Systems (I2CS), as chair member on a code making panel for the 2026 National Electrical Code (NEC).

The NEC works every three years in “code cycles”, designed to incorporate public feedback and revise the electrical code, which is adopted by local and state governments across the country.

M.C. Dean sponsored Prezioso as a chair member on one of 18 code making panels, giving our company input on the code moving forward, and firmly establishing our position as national leaders in electrical fire prevention and safety.

Luigi Prezioso presents on the “code cycle”, in which the NEC incorporates feedback from the public, reviews current codes, and updates accordingly.

“Current proposals to revamp the NEC for user friendliness and embrace emerging technologies and systems make this an exciting time to be involved in code development,” said Prezioso. “M.C. Dean and our customers work with new technologies and systems, so it is important for us to participate with other industry practitioners to review established codes and confirm the ongoing safety of the public.”

Prezioso previously served on a NEC code making panel in 2016 and volunteers every three years to assist during the “code cycle”.

Mark Bowman receives communications infrastructure award

Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) awarded Mark Bowman, technical specialist, with the Emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Professional of the Year award.

This award is presented to an individual new to the field, who has shown a strong interest in the ICT industry by advancing their education and gaining knowledge through work experience.

Mark Bowman accepts the award for Emerging ICT Professional of the Year at the​ Orlando, FL BICSI awards.

One of Bowman’s greatest accomplishments is earning both his BICSI technician and BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) certifications in one year. He also supports I2CS’s training efforts to help other BICSI RCDD candidates prepare for their exams, submitted for BICSI mentorship programs, and volunteers for activities through the organization.

“BICSI helps to establish effective best practices that drive my passion to be a better engineer, a better leader, and a better subject matter expert. I couldn’t be prouder to accept this award and to continue my work at M.C. Dean,” said Bowman.

M.C. Dean is proud of our team’s accomplishments and encourages all employees to get involved in industry organizations.