The M.C. Dean Foundation recently donated $75,000 to the Children’s Educational Development (CED) Society in support of Lama Tenzin’s mission to provide better opportunities for the youth of the Himalayas and India. 

“By resourcing CED’s efforts, we’ve been able to immensely impact children’s futures, helping students uplift themselves from societal rejection and extreme poverty to pursue higher education and promising careers,” said Bill Dean, M.C. Dean chief executive officer. “Many have graduated to become lawyers, scientists, technologists, and marketers. We hope to one day welcome some of these inspiring talents to M.C. Dean as they continue to improve quality of life for themselves and in their local communities.”   


WATCH: Brainwave-controlled music generation

M.C. Dean’s contributions to CED Society support several programs, including Sound of Soul, a multimedia education institute for the disadvantaged and disabled.  

As part of his mission, Lama Tenzin collaborated with Fulbright scholar, Calvin McCormack, to create the Sound of Soul (SOS). SOS is a nonprofit music and arts studio and education center, specifically created for disadvantaged and disabled women and girls. Through his studies of brainwaves and controlling MIDI interfaces, Calvin is providing opportunities to the children of SOS to create music and express their creativity regardless of their physical abilities. 

This donation continues M.C. Dean’s over 20 year partnership with CED Society. Approximately a dozen students have earned or are soon to earn master’s degrees, and another eight are currently completing undergraduate studies–all funded by the organization. To learn more about the CED Society and Lama Tenzin’s mission in the Himalayan border region and India, visit the CED Society’s website.