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M.C. Dean is the Electrical Engineer of Record for the first-ever National Museum of the Army (NMUSA). The museum, located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, will honor the dedication and sacrifices of its members.

The project required collaborative efforts between several teams and disciplines, who worked together to provide the backbone and infrastructure for the modular electric rooms, security, audiovisual, controls, electronic, data, telecommunications, and fire alarm systems for the museum.

“We value this opportunity to use our technical expertise to bring this facility to life to honor Veterans and continue to share stories about the U.S. Army,” said Mike Keatley, senior vice president of Electrical Systems. “Our modular design and manufacturing brought significant improvements to the project lifecycle and enabled unique exhibits inside the museum that should be impactful to the public.”

The museum will be donated by the Army Historical Foundation to the U.S. Army in January 2020.

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