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Photo of M.C. Dean CEO Bill Dean, CPO Tanya Moore, members of the HR team, and a representative of the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services.M.C. Dean was awarded the Champions of Disability Award by​ the Virginia Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services (www.vdrs.org) in 2021. The award honors area employers that continuously demonstrate an inclusive and diverse workforce and recognizes their outstanding commitment to hiring and supporting individuals with disabilities.

“M.C. Dean went above and beyond in illustrating the value that everyone can bring to the workplace,” says LaPearl Smith with Virginia Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services.

At M.C. Dean, diversity in background, expertise, and perspective drives a broader range of ideas within our teams. We believe that is imperative to success, and strive to build a community of inclusiveness and innovation in everything we do. M.C. Dean proactively engages in diverse hiring efforts and partnerships to find and place people with disabilities into the workforce. In addition, M.C. Dean works with vocational partners who assist and help transition current employees who may have suffered a disability and need help getting back to work.

“This award is truly an honor and exemplifies our ongoing commitment to recruiting, training, and hiring a diverse workforce,” said Misty Miran, Human Resources director​.

About the Virginia Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services

The Division of Rehabilitative Services offers vocational rehabilitation to assist people with disabilities to prepare for, secure, retain or regain employment. You may be eligible for these services if you have a physical, mental or emotional disability; this disability keeps you from working; you live, work or attend school in Virginia; and DRS certifies that there is a good chance that these services will result in your employment.