• Corporate Announcement

As the data center industry grows at a rapid pace, M.C. Dean has been stepping out in the forefront to engage with thought leaders and potential customers.

On October 21-22, M.C. Dean participated as a Knowledge Partner at the Data Center Dynamics (DCD) Conference in Dallas. Chris McLean, M.C. Dean’s director of mission critical solutions, was part of a panel discussion on the benefits of modular construction and safety strategies for hyperscalers and other businesses embarking on rapid data center builds.

The panelists were John Sasser from Sabey Data Centers, Michael Coleman from Aligned Energy, and Lucas Beran from HIS Markit.

Talking about edge computing, Chris McLean, said, “Quality control is a big factor. When it comes to modular data centers, every client has a different need and requirement. They don’t want to travel around the world just to look at the different pieces. They want everything at one location, so they can quality control and have a virtual touch to the environment.”

More recently, at the 7X24 Exchange International Fall 2019 Conference in Phoenix, Chris McLean hosted a panel on Operational Risk Management Strategies and Tactics alongside Pamela Baughman from Microsoft, Anita Tarab from Google, Chris Sarvis from Facebook, Paul Konz from eBay, and Jeff Davis from Verizon Media.

The panelists discussed the dire need for mitigating risks and saving lives as the data center industry has an unusually high rate of workplace incidents. This event was held from October 27 to 30.

DCD is a media portfolio that focuses on data center scale, IT infrastructure, and transformation in Cloud, IoT, and Smart Cities. 7X24 Exchange International is a not-for-profit organization that provides an educational forum focusing on challenges faced by mission critical industry professionals.