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The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) awarded M.C. Dean with the Social Responsibility award and the President’s Award for the company’s contributions to AIHA’s Back to Work Safely​ guidance and resources. AIHA Named Awards honor individuals or groups who have contributed significantly to the industrial hygiene, and occupational and environmental health and safety professions.

Members of M.C. Dean’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Team (RRT), Dave Beatty and Aaron Schoemaker, provided advice and contributions in the development of guidance for the construction industry as members of AIHA’s COVID-19 Re-Open America Guidelines Task Force. Dave Beatty serves as the head of the task force’s Construction Team working group. The guidance documents also were presented by AIHA to the White House’s coronavirus response leadership, including the former President of the United States.

As states began lifting restrictions in 2020, M.C. Dean’s goal was to develop a playbook to guide and educate businesses on returning to work safely. The company’s guidance was based on internal protocols developed as part of M.C. Dean’s COVID-19 response to keep employees and their families safe. AIHA also utilized M.C. Dean’s posters and infographics developed for employees to stay on top of the evolving policies for the safest possible work environment during this pandemic.

The “Back to Work Safely” resources are available on AIHA’s website, www.backtoworksafely.org. According to AIHA, the Back to Work Safely guidelines were downloaded nearly 1.2 million times in both English and Spanish in the first seven months of publication in 2020.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also included this information with other national support materials on their website.

About AIHA

AIHA is the association for scientists and professionals committed to preserving and ensuring occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) in the workplace and community. Founded in 1939, we support our members with our expertise, networks, comprehensive education programs, and other products and services that help them maintain the highest professional and competency standards. More than half of AIHA’s nearly 8,500 members are Certified Industrial Hygienists, and many hold other professional designations. AIHA serves as a resource for those employed across the public and private sectors and the communities in which they work.