M.C. Dean’s Enterprise Security SaaS offering provides integrated access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance managed services with the ease, flexibility, and resiliency of the cloud. M.C. Dean’s fully managed Enterprise Security SaaS runs on high availability AWS Cloud with leading commercial-off-the-shelf security systems combined with 24x7x365 service monitoring and customer support. The service supports web-based and client software access with enterprise-level system integrations such as single sign-on and standard or custom options.

Standard Package: System administration, alarm monitoring, map designer, license server, communications server, video verification, and browser-based clients bundle.

Custom Package: Visitor self-service, area access manager, access management data and notification system, access control interface, credential management center, visitor identification and verification management, data exchange, forms designer, biometrics / smart cards, fire panel support, intrusion panel support, business card / driver’s license / military identification, passport scanning, elevator integration, intercom, mustering, terminal services support, database segmentation, and redundant server licensing. Request a quote.

  • Flexible & Resilient: Benefit from cloud-enabled system self-restoration and managed database capabilities. Automated deployments can build and rebuild systems within seconds. Active directory integrations provide secure, seamless access. Take advantage of centralized support for low-cost, high-performance nationwide installation and maintenance.
  • Highly Secure: Enterprise Security SaaS is designed to meet FedRAMP, FICAM, and other industry requirements. Keep application data separate and secure while accelerating cybersecurity authorizations for commercial and government clients.
  • Time & Cost Effective: Replace costly CapEx with utility-based pricing and immediate availability. Streamline setup costs and timelines, while reducing the price per site and device.

Pricing Information

Plans Description Annual Subscription
Essential  32 readers, 25,000 cardholders, 1 client user, 1 web user $21,000
As low as $55 per door/month
Advanced  64 readers, 50,000 cardholders, 1 client user, 1 web user $39,000
As low as $50 per door/month
Pro  128 readers, 100,000 cardholders, 1 client user, 1 web user $64,000
As low as $42 per door/month
Custom  Per your enterprise requirements Request a quote