M.C. Dean became a communications service provider in the mid-1960s, when the company subcontracted to GTE. From this point to present, M.C. Dean has mastered the evolving technologies relevant to voice and data communications. Today, the company is one of the nation's most respected communication systems contractors.

From infrastructure design and installation to network configuration and management, M.C. Dean staffs seasoned professionals experienced at every level of the communications structure.

These areas of focus include:


Fiber Optic Communications

With the advent of fiber optic technology, we aggressively trained our technicians and managers in order to first achieve and then maintain our current position as a leading fiber optic cable and premise distribution contractor in the Washington area.

M.C. Dean operates a BICSI certified, on-site training facility employing a BICSI Certified Master Instructor, for training and certification.

M.C. Dean maintains this position by continuously training its staff and tackling on the most complex and challenging projects. The firm provides cabling infrastructure, ranging from small data center installations to large-scale campus backbones. Our abilities include:

  • Turnkey Fiber Optic Premise Distribution Systems
  • Turnkey Fiber Optic Cable Systems
    • Connectorization
    • Mechanical and Fusion Splicing
    • OTDR and Power Loss Testing
  • Special Requirements


Voice and Data Networks

M.C. Dean has designed, installed and maintained voice and data networks since the early 1970s, when it began installing some of the first legacy LANs and WANs. The company works with manufacturers, system integrators, and equipment suppliers to provide low cost, highly effective solutions to voice and LAN system requirements.

  • Various Media
    • Twisted Pair
    • Coaxial
    • Fiber Optic Media
    • Broadband Systems - Dual and Single Cable
  • Various Networks
    • Ethernet
    • ARCNet
    • Token Ring
    • FDDI
    • ATM
  • Various Protocols
    • TCP/IP
    • IPX
    • SNA
    • Appletalk
    • DECNet


Network Management

With network installation comes Network Management. M.C. Dean network engineers have a working knowledge of network management protocols such as SNMP (v2), CMIP, RMON, and network sniffers. We have worked with an extensive array of network management products such as HPOpenView, Cabletron Spectrum, CiscoWorks, Optivity, NetSys, and NetMake. In addition, M.C. Dean has a staff of CAD engineering designers regularly documenting existing, design, and as-built network configurations.

M.C. Dean, Inc, provides customers with various types of network performance reporting formats to show network utilization, availability, network trends, and problematic areas. M.C. Dean also uses standard trouble ticketing and resolution logging methods for identifying, documenting, and tracking required system and network modifications and repairs.


Information Systems

M. C. Dean, Inc. is experienced in all facets of computer and application technology. Its versatile professional staff is proficient in multimedia systems, Internet security, Windows NT, Unix, Lotus Notes, IBM Mainframes, databases, programming, systems administration, Web services, and systems training on a variety of platforms and applications.In addition, M.C. Dean has a consulting services division that provides IS services for commercial customers requiring assistance in developing an integrated IS strategy.


Network Security

  • Firewall installation and monitoring including proxy services,Network Address Translation (NAT), packet filtering
  • File server auditing, workstation and server security, architecture design and maintenance
  • Encryption
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and Ext

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