SeaPort Functional Areas

R&D Support

M.C. Dean has performed critical Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) tasks for real-time command and control and information sharing in the homeland security and force protection mission areas. A representative example includes in-depth analytical research and innovative methods applied to enable deployment of the operations center for a major cabinet-level Federal agency in record time for a center of this significance. In our RDT&E role, M.C. Dean Inc.’s analysis threaded the center to the missions it supports and employed new concepts and technologies not in place with the agency at the time of deployment. Even basic system elements in such a new environment required substantial research to complete the engineering and guarantee performance in this mission critical environment.

Engineering Support

M.C. Dean's Systems Engineering (SE) expertise is evidenced by more than 400 Delivery Orders (DOs) performed as a prime contractor to the Navy over the last 10 years, proving the full spectrum from requirements engineering through system specification, procurement, installation, operations and maintenance. Our SE capabilities spread across disciplines ranging from satellite communications, to integrated electronics for force protection to compact and reliable power systems design.


M.C. Dean uses formal modeling and simulation tools and technologies to pre-determine statistically likely outcomes in complex system deployments. As the prime contractor for a security program for a Federal agency with offices throughout the U.S., we were tasked with developing a nationwide video monitoring, surveillance and communications system. The ambitious nature and the high bandwidth needs of this system required extensive modeling of the proposed systems and their practical operation. M.C. Dean, Inc staged video switching, storage and processing equipment in our Applied Technologies Laboratory and determined system performance parameters and practical bandwidth requirements using network traffic simulation, a prototypical system to emulate each remote site, a staged head-end, and time based analysis of video network performance using statistical methods. The system was subsequently successfully deployed to all major facilities operated by our client agency. M.C. Dean’s communications, computer and software systems modeling in an integrated environment was a key decision support element allowing the agencyto meet critical program milestones.


M.C. Dean, Inc provides pre-production, model making and fabrication methodologies to support both custom system requirements and high volume production for large federal clients. One of our key programs supporting a confidential client involved a command center retrofit to accommodate both the facility’s physical space and footprint constraints, along with interconnection, performance and interoperability constraints associated with legacy systems. M.C. Dean engineered a unified prototype design for a circuit board and mount to accommodate two RM-4 card readers in lieu of the standard single board/processor per reader design. Working with a local small business manufacturer to fabricate the components, we developed an inventive prototype, which was then run through an extensive performance test battery; the unit was retooled based on testing results, primarily associated with form factor considerations, and a set of pre-production units were developed which were placed in our RDT&E laboratory for stress and endurance testing, and then deployed in over 100 locations throughout the facility. We continue to fabricate parts and maintain fielded systems.

System Design Documentation/Technical Data

M.C. Dean has completed more than 200 major system design document sets for a single IDIQ contract in the past five years alone. Our technical documentation expertise includes System Design Requirements (SDRs), System Engineering Plans (SEPs), Installation Design Plans (IDPs) as shown in the table, and System Test Plans (STPs) covering all aspects of logical and technical engineering drawings such as Facility Floor Plans, Site/Facility Elevations, System Block Diagrams, Systems Wiring Diagrams, Power/Signal Cable Layouts, and Hardware Installation Drawings, all of which are archived digitally in our online knowledge repository.


M.C. Dean’s Software Engineering and Development are performed in compliance with our internal Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) process standards, and our expertise is exemplified in our work for the a Federal agency and a military corrections facility. Our work effort in developing software for these clients/facilities entailed: 1) Requirements Analysis, 2) Concept of Operations development including hierarchical data structure and representative workflows, 3) Joint Applications Development (JAD) to deliver a prototype application for user review and analysis, 4) User Interface/Feedback to document revised system requirements, 5) System Alpha version development and unit, system and regression testing, and 6) Functional and technical training sessions for system operators and administrators.

Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability

M.C. Dean, Inc routinely incorporates lifecycle Reliability, Maintainability and Availability (RM&A) performance objectives into the planning and design of systems and components, as part of our formal integrated logistics support analysis. M.C. Dean’s ongoing effort for SPAWAR in support of U.S. and NATO coalition forces in Eastern Europe and the Middle East provides an example. For these programs, we incorporated reliability and maintainability monitoring and support into the design and deployment of a Satellite Communications (SATCOM)/Telephony network supporting military communications in this region. During the system design phase, M.C. Dean specified reliability requirements in terms of Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Mission Critical Failure (MTBMCF) for key system components. We also determined maintainability thresholds in terms of Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and maximum corrective maintenance time, given the number of users and organization of those users. With this information, we established system RM&A parameters and associated sparing and maintenance plans to ensure optimal systems operational availability over time. The result is systems availability in the 99.9 percent range.

Human Factors Engineering Support

M.C. Dean’s human factors engineering is a significant component of our command and control and force protection work activities. Human factors and usability engineering is essential when supporting command center duty officers or uniformed police to ensure that technology provides functionality that maximizes a systems’ usefulness to these users. For example, on a recent program for the protection of a multi-building Federal facility open to the public, the functional analysis began with the physical counts and assessment of the operating needs and the basic knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) of the uniformed officers responsible for protecting these facilities. M.C. Dean applied these KSAs and subsequently derived operational requirements for each duty station in the perimeter and for each seat in the watch center. The practical application of these KSAs and operating requirements resulted in M.C. Dean developing key innovations in our design. The duty stations, instead of being typical PC-based monitoring and surveillance software with separate video surveillance monitors were replaced with a single touch screen interface. This permits the officer to access remote video feeds, alarm information, badge and ID information, and X-ray screening video inputs, all at once if they choose and with a simple touch screen interface placed securely in a ballistic rated podium for further protection of the officer, increasing system utility and efficiency of process operations.

System Safety

M.C. Dean, Inc gives safety the highest priority in any system design and deployment, and our safety engineering program is second to none in the industry. Ensuring that systems are designed and perform safely, especially those with potential to cause significant harm or even loss of life is essential. M.C. Dean has a twenty person safety engineering department that routinely reviews design documents and surveys project locations to ensure our work incorporates safety in all areas. As an example, a recent project to develop an emergency operations center within a 150+ year old facility presented substantial safety challenges. Proper life safety design was essential and included ensuring proper egress into and out of the center in the event of a critical event or emergency, proper design of ventilation and water systems to enable the center and people to function in the event of contamination of incoming air and water supplies, interfacing with the alarm and detection systems to protect the center in the overall scheme of the larger facility, designing power down and fire suppression systems that permit safe remediation and escape under fire or similar other occurrences.

Configuration Management Support

M.C. Dean employs proven Configuration Management (CM) processes that include the development of Configuration Management Plans (CMPs) defining methods to identify and document the characteristics of each Configuration Item (CI), control changes, record and report the processing of changes across the system lifecycle, and audit CIs to verify performance to requirements and specifications.

Quality Assurance Support

Our Quality Assurance (QA) Program is based on ISO 9001/9000-3 standards and incorporates a comprehensive approach to infuse quality controls throughout all products and processes throughout all system life-cycle phases, as detailed in our discussion of quality assurance located on the M.C. Dean SeaPort main page.

Information Systems/Information Assurance/Information Technology

M.C. Dean provides expert resources for information systems (IS), information assurance (IA), and information technology (IT) support both as general disciplines and in the mission critical areas we support for our clients. In a recent Command Center development for a Federal agency, M.C. Dean considered the unique information needs of a number of federal agencies who would be co-locating within our client’s facility. Chief among these needs was information security, which M.C. Dean supported by first conducting a System Threat and Vulnerability Analysis, then designing a facility that met the agency’s needs relative to information assurance, information security, and overall information technology. These included RF/optical isolation, physical access control, RF shielding with proper grounding and isolation, as well as meeting all government accreditation requirements for information sharing at various levels.

Interoperability/Test and Evaluation/Trials

M.C. Dean is expert in both Interoperability and Test and Evaluation (T&E) support on programs, ranging from consolidated command centers to sophisticated network and systems integration projects across multiple Federal agencies. Our Interoperability program is directly compliant with the primary frameworks and standards for systems and software used by major Federal agencies, and we are expert in developing process and object data models, standards and reusable component interfaces for information systems.

Acquisition Logistics

M.C. Dean provides life-cycle Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) resources for major programs, from design through the operations and maintenance (O&M) phase, in the following areas: Manpower and Personnel, Training, Maintenance Support, Supply Support and Provisioning, General Purpose and specific Test Equipment, Technical Data, Computer Resources Support and Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation (PHS&T). On the design side, we engage “design for supportability” tools and techniques to ensure ILS considerations are direct drivers in system requirements, engineering and design phase processes. On the operational side, our success may be gauged by our long-term O&M and logistics support contracts with major Federal agencies worldwide, wherein we establish global maintenance and supply chains to serve these facilities. The M.C. Dean 24x7x365 Call Center serves as the primary contact point for all client troubleshooting, dispatch, and repair inquiries. Our call center engages the client’s organization in accordance with customer-approved integrated logistics support plans and uses fully online, web-enabled inventory, maintenance and configuration management systems.

Supply and Provisioning

Management of the provisioning process, a subset of our overall ILS program, is a focus of the M.C. Dean logistics and materials management division with more than 40 persons dedicated to the functions of initial provisioning support, operational support, and support equipment considerations. We are expert in optimizing the use of commercial standards, commercial best practices, and commercial and non-developmental items in our delivery and supply chains. Specifically, we have provided initial outfitting, provisioning, and long term sustainment logistics support throughout most of the United States and Europe, as well as several locations in the Middle East. On one project supporting Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) Video Surveillance Systems across Europe, M.C. Dean was tasked to simultaneously deploy 25 sites, each in a different OCONUS geographic region posing unique air/ground transportation requirements. Our specialists handled air transportation, customs inspections, ground delivery, inventory, and staging of materials and equipment furnished by the government and M.C. Dean often in hostile areas of the world.


M.C. Dean Inc. develops training course materials and audio/visual training curricula as part of our ILS program to support the engineering, operations and maintenance of sophisticated systems, and organizational development for client personnel. We develop training content including written plans and course books, video, and interactive instruction based on CDs, DVDs, and web-portals. We also develop and deploy instructor-led on-the-job training courses, and engage and procure equipment/ system manufacturer training resources, and augment the curricula, training facilities, and skilled personnel provided by commercial resources.

Program Support

M.C. Dean has performed all aspects of program support including program management, business and financial management, and systems planning, research, development, engineering, manufacturing, production and quality assurance. M.C. Dean personnel include former Navy acquisition officers and executives, and the strength of our Program Support operation has been extensively demonstrated on multiple Federal government engagements. Specifically, our turnkey development of a major Federal command center involved systems deployment and accreditation for an integrated, multi-tenant, multi-enclave operations center from “cold hard slab” to full operational capability in 97 days. To support this effort, our client employed extensive M.C. Dean Program Support resources in the areas of Integrated Project Team (IPT) development and management, electronic source identification and selection using performance-based contracting methods, program and project status reporting using earned-value methodologies, development of performance and test specifications and standards for all deployed systems, and development of Quality Assurance Support Plans (QASPs) to quantitatively measure system performance in accordance with specifications.

Functional and Administrative Support

M.C. Dean provides long-term functional and administrative support to client agencies after completion of engineering projects and commencement of system Operations and Maintenance (O&M) phases. As an example, at a key Federal agency, M.C. Dean is working to support the a directorate charged with establishing policy and procedures for the identification, cataloging, taxonomy, and architectural design for an information system supporting data transfer among the various directorates in the agency. In this role, M.C. Dean is providing organizational assessment support, including functional and process modeling and process reengineering, along with administrative and clerical support for organizational components including senior management, budgetary and financial management personnel, and legislative affairs. M.C. Dean’s expertise goes beyond traditional administrative and clerical staffing functions and engages with the directorate and other agency elements at the Under-Secretary level, providing direct inputs to department polices and procedures as it evolves into a unified agency from its many constituent sources.

Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

M.C. Dean, Inc Program Support teams include specialists in multi-media presentations and sophisticated briefing preparation, to include print, audio and visual media (photographic, video, and web-based), as well as general press briefings, briefing papers, white papers and press releases and newspaper and periodical submissions. As an example, our recent experience includes supporting our client on sophisticated graphics and audio-visual briefings to the Secretaries of cabinet-level uniformed and civilian agencies regarding strategic projects in Command, Control and Information Security areas. We have also developed and provided briefings for flag-level officers and high-ranking civilians within these departments, ranging from general concept information briefings to highly-robust multi-media presentations of solution alternatives for C4ISR programs.

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