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  Our people reflect the culture and vision of M.C. Dean, Inc.: individualistic, competent, and effective.

Our people literally come from all walks of life, nationalities and languages. What unifies us is our dedication to personal initiative, quality work, and commitment to improvement through continued education and training.

Our people believe in providing real results over simply talking about results, in achieving rather than making excuses for non-achievement, and simple competency in all areas of our business. Many of us come from corporate environments that rewarded the wrong set of values while ignoring the right values. M.C. Dean, Inc. is a place that gets those values right!

M.C. Dean, Inc. is an excellent place to further your career. Our people is what sets us apart. We pride ourselves on having a diverse group of employees that enjoy their job and do their best day in and day out.

As a mid-sized company we have many positions from electrical, construction, security and others as well traditional corporate support positions. We are a hands on, real-world, no frills engineering shop, and proud of it.

Our culture reflects who we are as a business: an electrical engineering firm, specializing in power, communications, and security systems.We believe in providing effective engineering competency in all our areas of business, and creating satisfied customers all along the way! We believe in constant and never-ending improvement through continued education.

We support internal education and technical certification, and reward employees accordingly!At the same time, we also believe in “learning-by-doing” in the form of our top-notch Apprenticeship Program. This program is designed to enable employees with a desire to learn the means to achieve and grow, both for the company and for themselves!

While some companies change cultures when they add new services, our company has retained this culture of competency and applied it to our Information Technology, Software Development, and Network Integration divisions.




“I am constantly learning on the job, improving my technical skills, and learning about managing projects and conducting business. I have been able to travel for the company, most recently to Brazil. I was surveying the site and commun-icating with the client about my findings. My goal is to become a Project Manager and work on a project from design to closeout. M.C. Dean, Inc. has high expectations for me and I am very excited about rising to the challenge.”

”I was at the Pentagon on September 13, 2001, conducting a damage assessment.”





“Working at M.C. Dean, Inc. has enabled me to develop my design/build and maintenance skills in programmable logic controllers and human machine interface devices. Because the company is so large, I have the opportunity to work on several different types of projects with different equipment requirements – I am constantly learning on the job.”





“M.C. Dean, Inc. challenges you. They push you to your limitations. They don't hold you back because you are young or new. If they feel you can do something, they let you go all the way. I really enjoy my job. My salary has increased much quicker than expected. Also, the firm moves people around so they don't get bored and stagnate. This helps the employee by giving them more diverse tasks.” “Working on our project at the Pentagon, I learned the design process, and how to coordinate with other engineering trades and architects. I worked closely with our field electricians, superintendents and project managers.”





“Being on-site at the Pentagon with M.C. Dean, Inc. has been a n incredible opportunity to work on a large job and perform several different types of estimating and conceptual engineering. M.C. Dean, Inc. provides the opportunity to work on a wide variety of jobs and learn vast amounts about engineering and construction. There is great opportunity for advancement and the benefits are excellent ” “The best part of the job is the atmosphere and the people you get to work with. It is an excellent opportunity to work with, and learn from veteran engineers and estimators.”





“M.C. Dean, Inc. was my first job after college. When I started I had never been on a construction site. The company gave me so much opportunity to work that I gained experience rapidly. Since joining the company, I have been assigned several jobs: design and project engineering, project coordinator, and project estimator.”

“What I recommend most about M.C. Dean, Inc. to others who are entering the engineering field is that M.C. Dean, Inc. lets you choose your own career path.”





“On a professional level, my position has really allowed me to leverage both my expertise from the design industry and my MBA. Our group is designing state-of-the-art command centers, challenging me to use all my previous training. On a personal level, M.C. Dean, Inc. has exceeded on my expectation in terms of supporting the appropriate work-life balance. They have allowed me to maintain a flexible schedule and telecommute from home when appropriate. Everyone in our group has family commitments and we all work hard to support each other's needs.”





“I enjoy the fast pace nature of the work at M.C. Dean, Inc. The current contract I am working on began as a 14 year project. The project has now been accelerated to a 10 year schedule. I am really enjoying the challenge.”

“Before I joined M.C. Dean, Inc., I had never worked on design/build projects. I work closely with architects and subcontractors now, translating their work into project drawings and submittals.”






“I have more than 20 years of experience in customer service and project management. Since joining M.C. Dean, Inc., I have been able to continuously improve my skills by attending training classes, including: SureTrak, PM-Online, asset protection, advanced security, and physical security.”
“M.C. Dean, Inc. is a company you can grow with. When I started with the company, I was an assistant. I have worked my way up to project manager. There are opportunities to learn and grow with this company. I have been extremely happy here.”




“M.C. Dean, Inc. is very employee oriented. The company wants all of its employees to excel. They provide you with the training and tools you need to learn as much as you can. The mechanics are knowledgeable and they share their knowledge. There is a great sense of comradery. Not a lot of companies offer the training opportunities that M.C. Dean, Inc. offers. There are several opportunities for continued training.
When I leave work each day I have a great sense of accomplishment, knowing that I have contributed to a great project.”





“I have gained considerable experience in both the electrical engineering and construction phases of the industry since starting with MC Dean. Many of the jobs and tasks I am asked to do provide a good challenge. I've been able to utilize my skills and engineering background.”

“M.C. Dean, Inc. is a large and diversified construction and engineering firm. Washington , D.C. is a very desirable and exciting place to live, and is currently the best location to be in for our industry.”





“I am currently working on a challenging project involving the construction of a 130 foot control tower. When I first joined the firm I received training in reading blue prints, take offs, and estimates from blue prints, reading specifications, and installing conduit wire and pieces of gear. This training has been invaluable on my current project. Working at M.C. Dean, Inc. is a very challenging and gratifying experience. The firm provides great advancement opportunities, benefits, and a professional working environment. It is not the same everyday routine.”





“M.C. Dean, Inc. is a wonderful place for young professionals. In particular, the C4I group is an ideal place for young motivated individuals. The C4I group offers unique and exciting work opportunities in addition to intense training in progressive fields. The C4I group has not only challenged me but also fostered my professional growth and advancement within my field of expertise.”
“I have recently been working on a project for the Department of Homeland Security, providing a flexible design layout for a multi-use European conference center.”


EEOC Statement
M.C. Dean, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.  Applicants are considered for all positions and are treated during employment without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, genetic information or any other basis prohibited by law.  As a government contractor, we comply with government regulations and affirmative action responsibilities.



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