COVID-19 Europe Protocols

The health and safety of our employees is paramount. This page provide tools and information to support project leaders and employees travelling to and within Europe.


  1. Review EU host nation entry criteria and General Orders at your garrison/military installation​
  2. Obtain a Letter of Authorization or Mission Essential letter from the government​
  3. Prepare for Quarantine upon entry and what to e​xpect:  ​​
    • ​Testing: Employees must get a diagnostic test (RT-PCR or an antigen test) within 48 hours before departure. Results should be obtained no later than 24 hours before departure. Please review your host nations requirements for post-arrival testing.​   ​
    • Lodging/Housing: Project leaders/Supervisor and #Relocation team​ will coordinate lodging/housing for employees. 
    • Travel: Project leaders/Supervisor and #Trav​el team must coordinate employees travel.
    • ​Food Services: Project leaders/Supervisor and #Relocation team will provide food and laundry services information. 


Step 1: Host Nation Requirem​ents & General Ord​ers  

European Union - Host Nation Entry Criteria ​

Interactive map that provides information on travel, services, and health and safety information for travel to and between European countries. This information changes on a near daily basis and includes details on required testing and travel restrictions.

General Orders at your Garrison / Military Installation 

The following links provide latest COVID-19 updates on Garrison and m​i​litary installation restrictions, guidelines, and regulations. 

Step 2: Issue a letter of authorization/Mission Essential letter/Exception to policy

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, many locations may face travel restrictions. You may still be able to travel with a mission essential letter or letter of authorization from your Project Contracting Office. Project Leaders are responsible for getting a mission essential letter or letter of authorization.


Step 3: COVID-19 Quarantine Resources

Upon entry into host nations, employees will be required to quarantine for 10 days. Testing in-country cannot occur until 5 days after arrival. Employees must take a PCR - Rapid test prior to departure from the United States. Military base access is still restricted to 10-day quarantine. Additional resources for project leaders to support staff during their quarantine period are provided below.


Employees must get a diagnostic test (RT-PCR or an antigen test)​​ within 48 hours before departure. Results must be obtained no earlier than 24 hours before departure. Please review your host nations requirements for post-arrival testing.   ​

Testing Locations in the USA

PCR - Rapid Testing Locations​ ​​

Testing Locations in Germany

​11073 Colonel Armistead Drive Suite 105
Ruther Glen, VA 22546
Contact: +1-804-220-6044
Global Quality Sports GmbH
Eichwiesenring 10 70567 Stuttgart
Book appointment:
Piedmont Urgent Care
493 Blackwell Rd #101b
Warrenton, VA 20186
Contact: +1-540-347-5200
15 Minute Quick-Test
Variety of locations around Germany. Change your locations to find a location near you. Please note: results need to be downloaded and printed within 24 hours of the test or the results will ​be deleted from the system.
Book appointment: 

Stuttgart Patch COVID-19 Testing​

Other Germany locations

​Additional In-Country Locations to be provided* 


Project leaders/Supervisors must work with the  #Relocation​ team​ to coordinate lodging/housing for employees.  Employees will be asked to provide lodging details to enter the host nation. 


Project leaders/Supervisors must work with the #Trav​el team to coordinate travel for employees. As several airlines are canceling flights due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, employees must verify their flight and rental vehicle information within 48 hours prior to traveling. Employees must complete the self-declaration form 10 days before returning to Europe.​ Please carry self-declaration form and travel letter​​​ during air travel, and coordinate travel changes or updates with their project leaders and the  #Relocation​ team. Employees also must keep their commuter permit ​in the rental car dash window at all times.  ​

Testing and International Air Travel

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an order effective January 26, 2021, that requires all air passengers arriving in the U.S. to take a COVID-19 test no more than three days before their flight departs. You must also provide the negative result or COVID-19 recovery documentation to the airline before boarding the flight.​​

Information on Entry Restrictions and Quarantine Regulations in Germany​

German lockdown extended until February 14 with additional restrictions:​
  • Medical masks must be worn when shop​ping and in public transport.
    • Only FFP2 masks and surgical masks are allowed. Self-sewn covers are no longer allowed.

  • Home office
    • People should work from home, as fewer people should come together during rush hour in buses and trains for their commute. In companies where this is not an option, medical masks should be distributed to workers.

Entry re​gulation for incoming and returning travelers in Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • According to the Corona Regulation Entry Quarantine, quarantine-free entry is possible for professional, official, business, school, medical or family-related reasons.
  • Those who have recovered from a coronavirus infection will be exempted from the quarantine obligation.
  • In the coming weeks, the new exception will include people who have a medical certificate stating that they were infected with the coronavirus at least 21 days and no more than six months ago when they entered the country and confirmed by a PCR test.
FFP Masks in Bavaria
  • ​Starting January 18, FFP2 masks have to be worn in all public transportation and shopping venues in Bavaria.
Two test strategy in Germany
  • Test immediately upon entry or within 48 hours prior to arrival in Germany
  • On the fifth day of quarantine, employees are allowed to take a COVID test. If this test result comes back negative, 10 day quarantine may be ended early.

​​​​Quarantine: When entering Germany from an RKI designated risk area, there is a mandatory 10 day quarantine obligation. Quarantine can be ended at the earliest with a negative test result from the fifth day of quarantine.

Hotspot travel ban: Under new regulations, residents of areas deemed coronavirus hotspots will be restricted from traveling more than 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from their town without a valid reason.

More information on regulations

​Food Services

The following links will provide food services information. ​For more information, contact your project leader/supervior and the #Relocation team​​. 

Host Nation Food Services​



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